Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 22

Today I decided to get back outside with my camera. It was absolutely pouring rain this morning and I love  the rain. I thought I could get some great shots of the rain and make rain my happy thing today.

The problem was that it was almost raining too hard to really get the shots I wanted to get. I was standing out there in a downpour and I starting to get worried about my camera getting too wet. I really need to get a waterproof case for it for days like this.

So I went out there on a whim and then found that I wasn't really prepared to do what I thought I wanted to do. My neighbors must have thought I was nuts standing out there with my camera in the rain, lol.

I was hoping to get some fun shots of puddles and raindrops, but that didn't work out. Instead I ended up heading to the backyard and taking photos of raindrops on a really pretty flowering tree in my backyard that is just starting to bloom. They turned out kind of pretty, but I'm still itching to get back out there and take some more raindrop shots and do what I set out to do. The rain has stopped for the moment though, so that may or may not happen.

I had lots of fun out in the rain though, even if my neighbors thought I was crazy! :) Rainy days make me happy!





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