Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 5

I know these photos are probably only amusing to me. Don't worry, we only have 95 more of them to go, lol.

But seriously I'm on day 5 and it's  already helping me to be more positive. I woke up this morning and my first thought was to look for my daily happy thing. All throughout my day I have been noticing little things and thinking "oh, that could be my next happy thing!" It's good to take some time each day to recognize the little happy things in your life that sometimes we fail to appreciate as much as we should. This project is helping me appreciate those things. It's hard to have a bad day when you see so many things in your life that make you happy.

So on that note, here is today's photo. And maybe it's a weird one, but it makes me happy!

I like to listen to music in the bathroom in the mornings while I shower and get ready for my day. It wakes me up and I just enjoy music. I usually play a playlist on my iPad, but while I'm in the shower it's hard to hear it. So for my birthday this year, Shawn bought me a Bluetooth shower speaker. It hangs in the shower and wirelessly plays the music from my iPad. Now I can hear it while I shower!

That makes me happy for two reasons. First, I like music in the shower. Second, I just love geeky toys, lol. Stick Bluetooth in some random item or find a way to pair it with my iPad and I probably want it. :)

So there you go, geeky gadgets and shower music make me happy!

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