Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Basement update

So it's just been a long, sucky week and it's only Wednesday. Our basement is still torn apart and there are still big industrial fans down there trying to dry it out. It's like a jet engine in our basement. You can hear it two floors up. It's not awesome.

The restoration company we used to dry it out has been super extra crappy to work with. Like so amazingly crappy that I want to cry every time the phone rings and it's them. They're rude, they look at me like I'm speaking French when I ask them a question and they're just generally completely unhelpful. I would tell them to pack up and get the heck out of here, but I have no idea who else to call and we'd have to start all over, and I just can't start all over. I just want this done.

I did decide that they're so supremely crappy that I don't want them replacing the carpet though, so as soon as everything is dried out (which was supposed to be today, but now they're thinking maybe tomorrow. Or, you know, whenever. Whatever. They don't care.) we're getting them out of here and I spend today lining up someone else to replace the pad and lay the carpet back down.

I stumbled upon a bit of luck today, or at least a kind soul. I called the people who installed the carpet originally in December and the lady who helped us pick out the carpet put me in touch with the actual guy who installed it and she told him to go ahead and do it as a side job because it will be cheaper for us than if it goes through their business. I wanted to hug her over the phone. We're trying not to use our homeowners insurance for this because while it's expensive, it's not expensive enough to ding our insurance unless we absolutely have to because I'm afraid of our rates going up. No actual carpet has to be replaced, just the pad. But the stupid fans that I'm so tired of are costing us a fortune each day they're here. I want them out. Like, yesterday.

So hopefully tomorrow they'll be out and I can get the carpet guy in here to figure out how much pad he needs to bring in and schedule a time to lay it back down and get everything put back together. I'm so over this it's ridiculous.

Speaking of people who are over things I've got cranky teenager with sore teeth moping around my house today. Poor Josh is miserable with the new braces. His teeth are really sore and he can't eat anything. We made a list of soft foods to get for him, but applesauce and pudding get old really quick, and a hungry teenager with sore teeth is not a happy camper. I hope that it starts to feel better soon. He has a week of school left and he's so busy with finals and end of the year projects and things that the added stress of not being able to eat anything isn't helping matters.

In better news, Matthew had his first piano lesson and loved it. I just love the sound of the piano being played in my house. I've wanted a piano for so long that every time I hear it it makes me happy. My house has a piano! It just reminds me of my childhood. The piano was always being played in my house when I was a kid. Even if it's just a kid banging around on it, it's a sound that makes me happy.

So that's how my week is going. It's mostly been full of loud fans and multiple discussions on the water content of drywall. With some teenage moping thrown in for good measure. But with a little bit of happy piano music. And pie. There was really amazing pie.

But I'm just plugging along. This too shall pass, right?

I'll be back in a bit with a happy thing. I have to go find one first, lol.

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Amanda said...

Basement is horrible:/ uuuggg. But yeah it will pass. We had a main line leak under our driveway/garage floor 2 years was a nightmare......lets just say that. And cost a fortune to we could have taken a trip to hawaii for it.....and it couldnt be claimed on Insurance bc it didnt qualify:/ and our home was only 4 years old at the time. That few weeks was hard.....but it did pass;)
Just trying to make u feel better;)
I really enjoy ur blog. I feel like i know u andur family. I have read since ur adoption journey.