Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 28

Josh is taking a class at school called Personal Finance and Careers and each student is required to bring in a guest speaker at some point during the semester to talk about their career. Today was Shawn's turn to go in and do a presentation on being a pharmacist.

Shawn works in a long term care pharmacy and they have contracts with care facilities and a lot of what they do is blister packing medications for the care centers. They put the medications in little pop out cards because it's easier for the care centers to distribute to their patients.

So as part of his presentation today, he had each kid bubble pack a card of M&M's. Apparently it was a big hit. 

He came home with a few extra so he let Matthew and Clarissa do one. They were putting the M&M's in each little bubble and Clarissa said "this is hard work!", lol. It was fun watching Shawn teach the kids about his job and they were super excited to pop their M&M's out of the bubbles when they finished. It was a cute moment and it made me happy. :) 

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