Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 40

I'm having one of those "crap, it's bedtime and I forgot to do a happy post" moments.

My day wasn't super remarkable. There were a few notable happy moments though. I was able to help a friend out by giving her something she desperately needed and I didn't need anymore. I love it when I can pass something along to a friend.  Shawn took the kids on a bike ride this evening. I didn't go with them for asthma reasons, but it was the first bike ride of the spring for the kids and that made me happy. Shawn got everyone's tires pumped up and all the bikes ready for the summer, and that was a happy moment. I'm happy that bike riding season is here again. I'm dealing with the asthma issues and I will be back on my bike soon.

Matthew had his best friend over this afternoon and those to are hilarious together. Two peas in a pod. I love it. He also finished another book tonight and he was super excited about that. His excitement is contagious.

I took a photo of none of those things though. So I was just sitting here panicking about what to blog about and then I looked over and saw my lavender lotion sitting on the night stand. I put it on and inhaled deeply. The smell of lavender is one of my favorite things. It's calming. I have all sorts of lavender scented things. The smell of lavender definitely makes me happy.

So I took a super duper crappy cell phone photo of the lotion bottle. Seriously, I didn't even attempt to take a decent photo. It's bedtime and all the lavender inhaling has made me too sleepy to care. :) That's a good thing, actually.

And with that, I'm off to sleep. :)

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