Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 41

It's bedtime again. Some days this project is more difficult than others. I have happy moments every day, but taking a photo in the moment is tricker than it sounds sometimes.

So to be honest, I'm cheating today. I didn't take this photo today, but I took it recently. It's my cats. I may not have taken this photo today, but my cats make me happy every day. I'm an animal person, I need animals around me. I would have a zoo at my house if Shawn wasn't here to make sure I don't go crazy at the animal shelter, lol. Two pets at a time is our realistic limit at this point in our lives, and I know that, even though I'm convinced that we need a dog. Shawn often reminds me of all the reasons we do not need a dog. I still want a dog. He will roll his eyes and laugh when he reads this.

But I love animals, and I'm definitely a cat person. Our cats are like family members. I honestly can't even imagine life without pets. They make me happy on a daily basis. Max, our orange cat, is super sweet and snuggles with me at night, and Penny, the Siamese, is super playful and thinks she's a dog, lol. She has a fuzzy toy mouse on a leather cord that she drags around the house all day and she drops it at our feet and looks up at us with her sad little kitty eyes, begging for someone to play with her. And we do, because who can resist sad little kitty eyes?

So there you go, my cats make me happy!

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