Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 43

Shawn and Matthew are at a church campout tonight. Josh was supposed to go with them, but he's still not feeling very well so he decided to stay home. We ordered pizza and had a movie night planned, but he took cold medicine and fell asleep super early, so it ended up being a boring night around here.

So it ended up just kind of being me and Clarissa. When I put her to bed tonight it amused me, as it always does, how many stuffed animals she sleeps with. She calls them her friends. Every night at bed time we tell her to go find her friends and she gathers up a pile of stuffed animals to sleep in her bed with her. They all have names and every now and then she announcers that it's one of their birthdays. I love tucking her in at night with all of her friends. 

Another thing I love is singing a song to her before she goes to sleep. Shawn and I have different routines when it comes to putting her to bed. When he puts her to bed he reads her a story, or they have some sort of routine going where he makes up a story and it has gotten sillier and sillier over the years. 

But when I put her to bed she requests a song instead. She picks the song, it's usually either a Disney Princess song, Part of Your World from Aladdin is a popular one, or the Anna Kendrick cup song. She is obsessed with that song! 

There's something I love about putting my kids to bed when they're little. Josh and Matthew are obviously too old to be tucked in now, but I do enjoy getting Clarissa snuggled in her bed with all her friends and singing to her. I'll miss that when she's too old for it.

So tonight that's what made me happy and I took a picture so I would remember how much I enjoy her at this age. How can you not love that sweet face!


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