Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 47

Ugh, what a day. 

May is always a crazy busy month around here. All of the end of the school year stuff keeps us super busy this time of the year. All three kids have end of the year projects and tests and presentations and parties and field trips and just a million things that I'm trying to juggle. Add in the fact that for some reason I scheduled several doctors appointments and Josh's braces for this month and everything is just completely insane right now.

And the in the middle of it, everyone got sick. I was super sick a couple of weeks ago and it took me forever to get over it. Then as soon as I got over it, Josh got sick. We're on week two of it and he finally went back to school today. I thought the sickness was over. It's not. 

This morning Clarissa had a preschool picnic. Thursday is preschool graduation, so today was their last real class. So we packed up our picnic stuff and went over there and had a fun time. 

We got home and by early afternoon she was acting really tired. I figured it was just from running around all morning at the picnic.

This afternoon she had her final ballet class, along with a little recital. I had to have her over there at 4:15. She was dragging her feet getting ready when at 3:50 I got a call from the orthodontist asking me if I remembered that Josh had appointment at 3:30 to get his spacers on. Craaaaaap!! I completely forgot. It had to be done today because he's scheduled to get braces on next week and if we miss this appointment we have to reschedule everything and that's a whole other mess.

So I told them we would be right there, I grabbed Clarissa's ballet stuff, we got stuck in traffic, it was a whole mess, I finally got Josh to the orthodontist, dropped him off, dropped Clarissa at ballet, got stuck in traffic again, picked Matthew up at the bus stop, got stuck in traffic again, got back over to the orthodontist to pick up Josh, got stuck in traffic again and made it back just in time to watch Clarissa's ballet recital. It was insane. 

Then I got everyone home and had to run out the door again because I had a dinner planned with some church friends. 

I got home from dinner and Shawn informed me that Clarissa is sick. After ballet she fell asleep on the couch and woke up with a fever. Craaaap.

I seriously have about fifty places I need to be this week. Tomorrow the kids have dentist appointments, Clarissa has preschool graduation in Thursday...this is the worst week ever for her to be sick. And if she has the same thing Josh and I had, she's going to be sick for quite a while. 

So I'm kind of frazzled and exhausted and poor Clarissa is miserable. We've been cuddling this evening, she's not in a good mood at all. I'm afraid I'm going to have to end up canceling everything this week to stay home and get her better. She'll be super sad if she misses preschool graduation and her last chance to say goodbye to her teacher. Such a bummer. 

So today was not the greatest day around here. 

In the interest of looking on the bright side and finding the happy, there were some happy moments. The preschool picnic was fun. Clarissa's ballet recital was adorable. The dinner with friends was really fun. In the middle of all the chaos today I did have some fun.

And also, the weather was beautiful today. This morning at the picnic the sky was blue and sitting in the grass watching Clarissa run and play made me happy. I took a picture of the blue sky and the pretty tree above me to remind myself of how happy I felt sitting in the grass on a sunny day. In the midst of a crazy day, I'm grateful for those little moments of happiness. 

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