Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 49

This morning was Clarissa's preschool graduation. It was a bittersweet day. Clarissa is so excited to be moving on to Kindergarten and going to the "big kid" school, but saying goodbye to preschool was sad. It was the end of an era for us. I walked out of there today knowing that I will never be walking back in those doors with a preschooler again. I hate endings and goodbyes.

But I'm incredibly grateful for the wonderful teachers there who have loved and nurtured my children over the years. The teacher Josh and Matthew had when they were three is now the director there and she still asks about them and is thrilled when they visit. It's like a family there, and I'll miss it.

So as hard as it was to say goodbye and close that chapter of our lives, it made me happy to go in there today and tell those wonderful teachers thank you for all they have done and see my sweet Clarissa up there getting her graduation certificate. She has grown up so much since we first walked in those doors at two years old. She's a big girl now, which she reminds me daily. :) I'm grateful for a wonderful preschool and amazing teachers who bless my children's lives.







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