Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 51

Today was a beautiful day and we took advantage of it. Our yard has a ton of landscaped areas. Too many, to be honest, but they were here when we moved here and we've tried our best to maintain all the bushes and trees.

But there is one spot in our front yard that has really needed our attention. There used to be some plants there but they weren't doing well and we took them out at some point and it has been a bare spot for a few years. I've been wanting to plant some flowers there and give it some color, but I just haven't gotten around to it.

But today was the day. It was beautiful outside and I decided it deserved a trip to Lowes for some plants. I really don't have a green thumb. When it comes to gardening, I really don't know what I'm doing. I usually just grab whatever looks pretty, stick it in the ground and hope it grows. I tried to put a little more thought into it this time, but it's hard! The problem is the area we were trying to fill is shaded most of the day because it's under some big trees. Trying to find flowering plants that don't require full sun is tricky. Everything I liked needed more sun than the area has available. That left me with not a lot to choose from and sort of threw the plans I had out the window. So I feel like I just ended up grabbing whatever shade plants looked pretty without any sort of plan, and that's exactly what I was trying not to do. It was like picking paint for my basement all over again, lol.

Anyway, we got them home and got everything planted. I don't know if I totally love it. The problem is that right now everything is small. When it all grows in a bit I think it will look pretty but right now I feel like it just looks like some randomly placed flowers. We planted some ground cover that will spread and look nice, but right now it's patchy, and we planted hydrangeas, which I love and will get fairly big, but right now they're small. Oh, and we found a type of hydrangea called Clarissa! We bought it just because how could we not with that name. :)

So I'm hoping that after everything has a chance to grow a bit it will start to look nice. I don't know, at least it's not bare anymore!

I took a photo of the before and I took a photo after we bought the plants, but stupidly did not take an after photo after we planted them. After we got them planted I came in the house and took a shower and by the time I remember that I needed to go out and take a picture it was dark. I'll take one when everything starts to grow. It's not really much to look at yet.

I might not have the best green thumb, but flowers make me happy and planting them in my yard made me very happy!

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