Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 53

After a super crappy day full of torn out carpet and really loud obnoxious fans that will be drying our basement out for a few days, we finally said screw it, packed a bag, and the White's are chillin' at a hotel. We needed out of the house. The hotel is like three miles from our house and it feels like a blissful vacation. We swam at the pool, we ate chocolate chip cookies, ordered pizza and had a marathon of The Middle.  I needed this reeeally bad.

Oh, also, shortly after I made my post about having a crappy day, Matthew ran into the room and announced that the loose tooth he has been trying to get out for weeks finally came out and he accidentally swallowed it, which made us laugh, and then Clarissa announced that when she grows up she wants to be the Tooth Fairy, which was super adorable. It made me realize that it's hard to have a bad day with my kids around.

Tomorrow morning real life starts again and I have to get Josh to the orthodontist to get his braces on and deal with the house, but tonight I'm having a great time hanging out with my family and enjoying my little escape from reality. My really crappy day turned into a pretty great night! :)

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