Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happiness is a pity pie :)

Since yesterday was filled with so much suckage and water logged basement, it's only fair that I balance it out with two happy posts today, right?

I called a friend earlier to whine about my basement and she was nice enough to let me whine for a while, because she's awesome like that. And then I just got a knock on my door and there she was with a pie. A pity pie, she called it, lol. Sometimes when life gets crappy you just need someone to make you a pity pie. And today, I needed a pity pie really bad!

Only an amazing friend would make an "I'm sorry your basement sucks" pity pie. Today I am so grateful for that amazing friend that I'm posting a photo of my pity pie. So while I am sitting here listening to the fans attempt to dry out my basement, I will eat my pity pie and be grateful that even if my basement currently sucks, my friends rock. And that's pretty awesome. :)

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