Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 59

Sundays are the hardest day for me to do the happy project, because, while Sunday is usually a happy day, is also generally uneventful and I have a hard time finding something to take a picture of. Not all happy moments are easy to photograph.

So tonight you get another picture of my cat, which might be a cheat because I already did my cats as a happy day post. But this happy moment is specifically about our funny bedtime routine. Every night at 10:30 (like, seriously, 10:30 almost without fail), my cat Max jumps on my bed to snuggle with me. How he knows it's 10:30, I have no idea, but if I'm not in my bedroom at 10:30 he will go looking for me and remind me that it's bedtime. Some days he ignores me all day long, but at 10:30 he's my best friend and he demands to be snuggled with. So we snuggle and I scratch his back and he purrs and we have our little nightly bonding time. It's kind of a little happy moment every night. If Max had a blog and a camera and was doing 100 days of happy, I'm pretty sure that he would make a blog post about bedtime snuggles being his happy thing too. And then his other 99 days would be about sleeping in the sunny patch on the floor, because that's pretty much the only other thing he does.

This is Max making his "could you please put the camera down and scratch my back?" face. :)

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