Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 61

I swear sometimes Clarissa is five going on 16. She is obsessed with clothes and loves to change her clothes a million times a day. I usually don't mind it but it does mean that her room is often a mess with clothes on the floor and we're constantly having to go in there and pick everything up and straighten her room.

Today she decided to do me a favor and go in there and clean up her clothes, but all she really managed to do was pile them all on her bed. I was downstairs and she called down to me that she cleaned her room. I told her that was great but I was in the middle of something and I would come see in a few minutes.

When I got up there I found her sound asleep on her bed in the middle of a pile of clothes. Cleaning her room is exhausting, lol.

It was cute and it made me happy. I love her.

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