Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 62

Today was Josh's last day of middle school and I'm trying to be a big girl and not cry about it. :) It feels like yesterday that I took him there to register for sixth grade and we spent forever trying to teach him how to use the lock on his locker and I had no idea how my little boy was going to survive in that big school with all those big kids.

In the blink of an eye, here we are, he's one of the big kids now and today he came home from middle school for the last time. I'm trying really hard not to think think too much about all the endings and beginnings that are happening around here lately, but this one is hitting me hard for some reason! Matthew finishes elementary school next week and I'm going to be going through all this mom trauma again next week with him, lol.

Josh has come a long way since he was that little sixth grader three years ago. He started out sixth grade being scared to try new things, not very excited about joining clubs or groups, and he ended 8th grade being part of all sorts of clubs and groups and being very active in school activities. He was on the yearbook staff this year, in the National Junior Honor society, in the film club and he has officially become known as the film kid, lol. This year he was voted Most Likely To Be Famous in the yearbook. He's pretty proud of that. :)

He has done amazingly well academically. He got straight A's every single semester of middle school except for one B last semester and he took three honors classes this year. He got a Presidental Education award yesterday at an assembly. I'm so proud of him, he has worked really hard. I know it's a mom brag but I want to write this all down and document it. I'm really proud of what a great kid he is.

In three months he's going to head off to the big scary high school, and to me it's going to feel like I'm sending my baby off to a school full of big kids again. This whole high school thing is freaking me out a bit! He's going to do great and I know he's not a little kid anymore, but I'm finding that with your kids it doesn't really matter how old they get, they're always your babies.

I took a photo of him this afternoon to compare to his first day of middle school photo. Look how much he has changed! I'm not going to lie, I lined those two photos up next to each other and got a little teary. I really shouldn't do before and after photos. They just remind me of how fast my kids are growing up!

But aside from a few sappy mom tears, today Josh made me happy. I'm really proud of the amazing person he's becoming.

First day of sixth grade and last day of 8th grade:

So proud of his grades this semester!

Presidential award!

I love it! :)


Lisa said...

What a great kid - he's definitely destined for some good things in life! My eighth grader is moving up to high school too and I know just how you're feeling. These three years of middle school went by in the blink of an eye. They'll be off to college in about three days, I swear!

Wendy said...

It feels like it, doesn't it?! I'm glad I'm not alone! :)