Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 66

Every night Josh and Matthew go into the bathroom to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. And every night it takes them foreeeeever because they start talking and laughing and we have to yell down the ball for them to go to bed, like five times. Seriously, it can take those two twenty minutes to brush their teeth. 

It's sort of an annoyance that we have as parents, because seriously, go to bed already, but secretly I kind of love it. I love hearing them talking and laughing in the bathroom at night. And sometimes the conversation continues in one of their bedrooms. They have a hard time wrapping up the conversation and going to bed. 

I love that they're close. I love hearing them have fun together. Tonight when I heard the laughing going on in the bathroom I snuck in there with my cellphone to take a sneak attack photo. As I took the photo and started walking back down the hall I heard Josh say "wait, is that going on your blog?!"

Yes, yes it is. Now go to bed already. :)