Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 79

My real happy thing today is that it's our 17th wedding anniversary. My original plan was to take a photo of Shawn and me together, but we spent a good portion of the day in the car with three kids and we both agreed that we looked too disheveled and exhausted for a picture, lol. 

But I had other happy things today. We went to Jackson Hole for the afternoon and had a great time. I've been going to Jackson since I was a kid and there is a bit of nostalgia taking my kids there. It's a beautiful little town with all kinds of fun things to see. 

After a fun afternoon there and several hours in the car that included a major bloody nose incident in the middle of nowhere where we had to clean up what looked like a crime scene with a container of wet wipes, we finally arrived back at my mom's house this evening.  We're tired. Car trips with three kids can be both fun and exhausting. Tonight I'm pretty exhausted.

Tomorrow we're going to my mom and stepdads church to hear them speak about their upcoming mission and then we're back to their house for a lunch with extended family, which should be fun. 

Then Monday morning we say our final goodbyes to them and head home. It's been a fun trip but I'm anxious to get home and sleep in my own bed. 

Since I decided not to take an anniversary photo today, I'm leaving you with another one of my happy things for today. In the center of Jackson Hole there is a park and at the entrances there are big arches made of horns. Everyone takes a photo in front of the horns. I don't know why, it's just a thing. If I dug around I'm sure I could find a photo of me in front of the horns as a kid. 

The park was packed with people today so we didn't get a photo in front of the whole arch, but I had Shawn and the kids sit on the side. Close enough. It's been a long (but happy) day. :) 

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