Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 85

I have three happy things today, but only one of them was able to be photographed.

First of all, I got my blood test results back from my physical. All normal. I had no reason to think they wouldn't be, but because I have anxiety about anything medical related I'm always just sure they're going to call me and tell me they discovered some horrible disease I didn't know I had, lol. They didn't, everything looked good.

Second, all three kids got invited to friends houses today. One by one I sent my kids off to play and then realized that I had an entire afternoon to myself. That so rarely happens. I should have done something super productive with my unexpected free time, but I didn't. Maybe that's what made it so awesome!

Clarissa has this adorable little best friend named Sophia, and they are joined at the hip lately. They played together yesterday and then this morning Sophia's mom texted me and said that Sophia was begging to have her back, so they invited her back over for the whole day today. They play together so well.

Girls are so different than boys when it comes to friendships. My boys have different friends they do things with, or they just hang out together at home, they don't really care one way or another. They like their friends and enjoy hanging out but they don't NEED to be with their friends. I'm finding it much different with Clarissa. Girls bond. Clarissa and Sophia very dramatically need to be together, or much emotion ensues, lol. They have very dramatic goodbye hugs, and heaven forbid a parent try to shut the door before a proper goodbye hug has been given. They crack me up. I'm not very girly, so some of Clarissa's girly girl stuff still amuses me.

Ok, so those were my two happy things that I did not take a picture of. Happy thing number three got a photo.

Raspberry lime sherbet. I had the worst craving for sherbet today for some reason. We don't eat it all that often, but every now and then in the summer it just sounds like the best thing ever. So we bought some and had it for a little treat tonight. And it really was the best thing ever. Yum. Raspberry lime sherbet on a warm summer evening made me happy.

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