Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 93

We had a great day today! I got to talk to my mom for a few minutes. They left the US today. They are currently on a plane on the way to Hong Kong, where they will be staying for a few days to do some training before going on to Singapore and then Malaysia. We've been tracking their flight online all afternoon, which has been fun. They are currently headed past Russia. They'll probably fly over the bottom of South Korea. I told her to wave and say hi for me, lol.

 I'm always super happy when she calls and then when she hangs up I have to compose myself for a minute so I don't cry. Ugh, I hate that I'm so emotional. The funny thing is that I really didn't talk to my mom all that often when she lived four hours away. We talked every few weeks, it's not like we made daily phone calls or anything. I've actually talked to her twice this week since they left. So it's not like I can't speak to her or contact her. She's not gone from my life or anything.  But I think knowing that I won't see her for so long or something is making it feel very dramatic in my mind. Because you know how I am, lol. It's silly I know. But I miss her, even if I can talk to her. She feels very far away. So I'm super upbeat on the phone and I love hearing how they're doing and then I get off the phone and cry for a minute and then I'm good. I just hate change. It will get easier.

But I was happy to hear from her and I'm excited for their new adventure. This is what they want to do and I'm happy for them.

This afternoon we continued our family holiday celebration. Clarissa got invited to spend the day at her friend Sophia's house, which is practically her second home lately, and Shawn and the boys and I watched The Neverending Story, which somehow we realized Matthew had never seen. Surprising, since it's one of my favorite movies. Family movie nights are one of my favorite things. They always make me happy!

Then Clarissa came home and we had a Super Mario 3D marathon. Every now and then we pull that game out and play for hours. Because it's a holiday we bought some junk food and we ate an embarrassing amount of Oreos and brownies and everyone got super hyper and it just got really silly. Like really, really, silly, lol. We sometimes get super ridiculous when we play family games. We laughed and laughed. We eventually had to put Clarissa to bed and then we kept playing for a while longer, until we were over tired and hyped up on junk food and we were laughing too hard to take the game seriously. I love playing Wii with the kids. Laughing so hard that we have to pause the game to breathe is pretty awesome. The kids love it when we get silly and sometimes it just feels good to get silly.

I can't properly capture a photo of our silliness. I'm not sure that there should even BE a photo of our silliness, lol. I did take a few quick cellphone photos, but you kind of had to be there. :) It was silly and it made me really happy. :)

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