Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 94

We ended our fun holiday weekend tonight with s'mores and sparklers in the backyard. We had an awesome time! We have this little patio fireplace thing that isn't fancy and we hardly ever use it, but we had so much fun tonight that I think we're going to have to pull it out and use it more often. It was really fun!

Then we got our the sparklers and I was super excited to get sparkler photos, but we had all sorts of technical difficulties. Is it just me or do they not make sparklers the way they used to? Half of them didn't work at all and the other half only halfheartedly worked for like 20 seconds. I was kind of bummed, but the kids still thought they were pretty awesome!

Most of the pictures didn't really work out because the sparklers went out to quickly for me to really do what I wanted to do, and sparkler photos are super tricky to take. I wish I could get more practice with them. It was fun to play around with and the kids had a great time making cool shapes and then running around the camera to see what they made.

All in all, a pretty awesome night. We actually didn't come in the house until 11:00! I had no idea it was so late. We were having too much fun to come inside!

I'm sad that Shawn has to go back to work tomorrow and our holiday is officially over. Those darn adult responsibilities really cut into my fun time, lol.

Here are some photos of our fun night! A night in the backyard with the kids made me happy!

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