Monday, August 11, 2014

I won the bus stop war!!

Remember the other day when I said I was having my yearly battle with the bus depot? Every year I tell them that we have the most unreasonable bus stop in the history of bus stops and every year they tell me too bad.

This year was no different. I called them and this time I got a really nice lady who also has kids and and sympathized with my plight but still told me they couldn't do anything about it. I grumbled about it for a few days and let it go.

Clarissa starts school tomorrow so today we went over to the school to meet her teacher and drop off her supplies. They had bus lists posted on the wall and I checked it, expecting to see the same thing I was already told.....and they changed the bus stop!!!!

I went to the office and made them double check because I thought that surely it was a mistake. Nope!! The bus stop is now at the end of my street. HAPPY DAY!!!

I came home and looked it up online to see what the deal was, because I've been told they couldn't stop here because we're in a walk zone for another school, and it appears that they have shifted the walk zone back. My street is no longer a walk zone!!

I'm mind boggled by this sudden turn of events, lol. Did some kind soul at the bus depot finally take up my cause and get the problem fixed? If so I feel like I need to find that person and send them a muffin basket or something, lol. They just saved me from another year of having to drive across the very busy street by my house to take my kids to the dumbest bus stop on the planet and then driving back across the street again every afternoon to pick them up.

That's all it took to get this thing fixed, just moving the walk zone back a street. I have begged and pleaded for YEARS. And maybe it wasn't even me who got it fixed. Maybe it was a completely unrelated event that caused them to fix it. I don't care, all I know is that when I'm happily skipping myself four houses down the street with Clarissa to the totally reasonable bus stop this year, I will be silently thanking whoever it was at the bus depot that finally got this thing fixed!!!

(PS, I'm sending my baby to Kindergarten tomorrow. I can't decide if I want to do a dance or sob uncontrollably. Check back tomorrow and I'll let you know which one I chose. If you're placing a bet, put your money on the sobbing.)

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