Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm tired!

It it September yet, because seriously I've just about had more than I can take of crazy August. I dread August every year. This back to school stuff goes on for weeks. And that, along with Shawn's pharmacy moving least week has made our household a little crazy lately.

So first, Shawn's pharmacy. I mentioned before that they were moving it. The building they were in wasn't working for them anymore. The pharmacy used to have two parts, a retail pharmacy in the front and a long term care pharmacy in the back. A few years ago they closed the retail pharmacy and expanded the long term care pharmacy. The business is doing well, but the building didn't function as well anymore for what they needed it for. It's a great retail space, but it no longer works for what they use it for.

So they announced last year that they were looking for a new building that was bigger and could give them a better work flow. After a long search they found a nice location and have been remodeling it and getting it ready to move into. This past weekend was the big move. Shawn worked very long hours helping them move. They can't really close down the business to move, so they had to somehow keep working in the middle of moving. It was tricky and exhausting and we didn't see a whole lot of Shawn for a few days. This morning was their first day at the new building and the phones still weren't working right and they're still trying to get things set up and well, I saw a vein in Shawn's forehead that I don't see very often, lol. He has worked six days a week for the past three week, plus his volunteer church duties on his only free days, so he's exhausted. Shawn's a trooper and he almost never complains. But this is starting to wear him down. Hopefully it's all going to start settling back down for him soon.

In the midst of that, I'm in back to school hell. Having all three kids in different schools is going to be a bit of a challenge. Clarissa started last week and the boys start next week. That means that all the back to school stuff just gets dragged on forever. And since it's a new school for all three kids there are a ton of meetings and orientations and school tours and meet the teacher events, so I've been driving kids back and forth to their schools for those things. We found all of Josh's classes at the high school, helped Matthew figure out his locker at his school, got them both registered and tomorrow I have to take Matthew back to the school for 6th grade orientation.

That has been in the middle of figuring out Clarissa's bus schedule, she gets picked up in the morning and dropped off at midday in two different places, so I've been getting used to that schedule. Kindergarten is tricky because you barely have time to get anything started before you have to switch gears and go pick them up. I'm keeping my eye on the clock constantly because I'm afraid I'm going to lose track of time and forget to go get her. All three of my kids will come and go at vastly different times this year, so once the boys are in school I'm going to be spending a lot of time watching the clock and tying to figure out who is coming and going and at what time. I need one of those Mrs. Weasley clocks. Why isn't that a thing?

And then there's the school clothes and the school supplies, and everyone needs new shoes, and Josh wears a ridiculous size of jeans that almost don't exsist, so I've been trying to buy him pants for three weeks.

And then, in the midst of it all, Saturday night I was finally relaxing, eating cinnamon bears, which are my favorite, and suddenly I thought, "uh, why is there a rock in my cinnamon bear?". It wasn't a rock, it was a crown. You know my long saga with the stupid crowns on my teeth? One fell off. Of course it did. On a weekend, because everything happens when you can't call the doctor. So I had no tooth all weekend until I could call them this morning. And when I called them this morning she reminded me that the boys had appointments this week so she moved them up and we all had to go to the dentist today.

So this morning I took Clarissa to the bus stop, got myself ready, got the boys in the car and we headed over to the mall to make another attempt to buy Josh some jeans that fit. We were finally successful and I spent way too much money on jeans. I've gone past the point of being thrifty about it. They fit? They cost five million dollars? Awesome, we'll take them, hold on a moment while I sell a kidney. I can not spend one more day looking for jeans.

Then we went school supply shopping and bought notebooks and binders and pens and pencils all that fun stuff for the boys. I also needed to buy Matthew some shoes, but by that time we had to go get Clarissa, so we abandoned those plans and picked up Clarissa.

I got her home, got some home business taken care of and it was time to load everyone in the car for a trip to the dentist. We all know how I feel about the dentist. Uuugh. I was considering just living with the missing tooth forever. Fortunately I still had the crown and it was in one pice and they were able to get it back on without having to make a new one. But it was a tooth that is way in the back of my mouth and getting it re-cemented back in wasn't the most fun I ever had. But it's done, I survived, the kids survived their appointments and now I'm home and tired and waiting for Shawn to show up, and I know he's going to be even more exhausted than I am. We're so ordering pizza tonight.

Tomorrow Shawn will go back into work and attempt to navigate his new workplace and I will get Clarissa off to school, take Matthew to 6th grade orientation and cross my fingers that I make it back in time to go pick Clarissa up and then drag everyone to the shoe store in an attempt to buy Matthew some new shoes and hope I get home before everyone has hair cuts in the afternoon.

School really needs to just hurry up and start for the boys so all of this running around and preparing for it can finally end. I need everyone to go to school so I can sit in a quiet house for five seconds and breathe.

Of course, knowing me I will hustle them all out the door so I can have some much needed alone time and five minutes later I will miss them so much that I'll be watching the clock and waiting for them to come back. Being a mom is emotionally confusing, lol.

So now I'm off to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm going to sit here and stare at the ceiling for 15 minutes until Shawn comes home. And I'm going to love every single minute of it.

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Josh said...

You forgot to mention the fun time we had eating pretzel bites and drinking Orange Juliuses aftr buying pants :) That was fun