Monday, August 4, 2014

It's August!

Well, the lazy days of July have come to a close and it's time to get back to work. The past few weeks have been delightfully low key and the next few weeks are just going to be pure insanity.

This week Shawn will be filling in at a pharmacy in a small town about an hour away from here for a few days. He knows the guy who owns that pharmacy and every now and then they need a fill in when someone goes on vacation. The pay is really good and it's an easy gig, so he's actually taking a couple of vacation days from his regular job to fill it at another job. He gets paid for his vacation from his regular job, makes good money for a few days of fill in work at the other job and now I don't feel like I have to take out a second mortgage to put braces on my children's teeth, lol. I love it when life works out.

So financially it makes sense, but it means that Shawn will pretty much be gone all week. It's a long shift and a long commute, so he'll leave early and come home late for most of the week. Then next week his pharmacy is finally moving to their new building, so he's going to be swamped for a while helping with the move and getting the new location up and running. It will be a little change for us having him working at a different location. I think the commute time is going to be about the same as far as we can tell, it's just in a different direction. It's a better location for the pharmacy, in a bigger building that will suit their needs better.

So I don't plan on seeing much of Shawn for the next couple of weeks. He'll be working six days a week for the next three weeks. We're lucky that he has a job with good hours and a short commute, so he's usually home a lot, so it throws me off a bit when he's gone. I like having him around!

And it kind of comes at a crappy time, because our schedule is totally packed for the next couple of weeks. Clarissa starts kindergarten next week, everyone has school registrations, orientations and teacher meetings, Matthew's birthday is next week and he's also getting his braces on, and I have to go school supply shopping for everyone.

Getting everyone organized to go back to school is a big job. I just spent the morning on the phone with the school bus department trying to figure out Kindergarten bussing. I have a huge frustration with the bussing situation every year, and I thought this year was going to be better because the district has hired a private bus company to handle it, but it's still frustrating.

My kids bus stop is in a ridiculous location. I've put up with it because my boys were older and could handle it, but I think it's completely unreasonable for Kindergartener. The problem is that I don't send our kids to the regular neighborhood elementary school, they go to a magnet school that is farther away. The magnet school offers bussing, but because we fall on the edge of the walk zone for the neighborhood school we don't attend, the bus won't stop at our street (even though they drive PAST it) because we're in the walk zone. The walk zone for a school they don't attend!! They're not in the walk zone for the school they DO attend, and their bus has to drive right past our street either way, it just won't stop here because it's a walk zone for a different school. So our bus stop is farther away, outside the walk zone, across a large, busy road with no crosswalks that is unreasonable to expect a five year old to safely cross, so I have to drive her to the bus stop and drive to pick her up, because I won't let her cross the street. Which sort of defeats the purpose of bussing. And every year I throw a fit about it for about a week and then I suck it up and deal with it. This just happens to be that week, lol. It's not that big of a deal, it's just ridiculous and SO easily fixed, but they won't fix it, and it's like beating my head against the wall every year when I have to discuss it.

So between Shawn being super busy for the next few weeks and all the places I have to be and things I have to organize, our lazy summer is officially over. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to be at the orthodontist with Matthew and high school registration with Josh at the same time next week. Now that I've had my yearly bus stop meltdown, solving that dilemma is next on my list.

So life is busy for a few weeks. August is always a crazy month. And this year, with Shawn moving the pharmacy and all three kids starting new schools, there is going to be a lot of change and adjustment. And knowing that I tend to fail at change and adjustment, I'm preparing for battle, lol. I vow to plow through all of this and not fall apart about it (well, mostly) and in September when it's all behind me I will throw myself a little party for getting through it. That's my plan, wish me luck. :)

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