Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's almost Christmas!!

I have kind of abandoned my blog lately. It seems like lately either nothing exciting is going on so I have nothing to blog about or we're super crazy busy and I don't have the time to blog. 

This pat week it has been the latter. I wish everyone wouldn't plan their parties and school programs and everything else for the week before Christmas, because it makes it almost impossible to get to everything. But we tried, and it made for w very busy week. 

Yesterday was super busy but we got to do something SO fun!! We went to The Nutcracker! Every year I want to go and we never manage to fit it in, but finally this was our year. It was part of my Christmas present from Shawn. We went and took the boys. I wasn't sure if Clarissa would sit through it and tickets were too expensive to find out that she didn't enjoy it, so we decided to send her to a friends house to play instead, but I will definitely take her in the future! 

It was put on by the Idaho Ballet and the Boise Phillharmonic and it was absolutely amazing! The boys had never been to a ballet before and I wasn't sure how much they would enjoy it, but they actually really did. It's great for a first ballet because the story line is really easy to follow and it's really fun and energetic. The dancing was amazing, the music was perfect and I loved every second of it. Best Christmas present ever. I hope we can go back next year! 

But now the week of parties and programs and events is over and we're ready to settle down and get ready for Christmas. We're heading into the two weeks a year that I wait all year for. Shawn always saves some vacation time so that he can take time off at Christmas and this year he has 12 days off. I absolutely love Christmas, but what I love most is the week between Christmas and New Years when we spend the whole week at home, playing games, watching movies and just spending some quality time together as a family. I look forward to it all year long. This has been a crazy busy year full of change and new experiences and a fair amount of chaos and I'm really looking forward to ending it on a very low key note at home with my family. I can't wait!

So life is busy around here, but it's good. Matthew is still wowing us with his piano, Josh is insanely busy with school and Clarissa is loving Kindergarten and is still joined at the hip with her best friend. Yesterday they were playing together and they announced that they were identical twins. Korean Clarissa and her blonde haired, blue eyed friend. :) I love them! 

If I don't manage to get another blog post in before Christmas, I will definitely be back with the Christmas Eve pajama photo. That thing is the bane of my children's existence and my yearly happy moment, lol. I love them for tolerating my funny traditions. Shawn keeps teasing me that I'm going to make the kids come home every Christmas Eve when they're adults so I can take their pajama picture.  I told him it was no joke, because that's totally happening, lol. Ok, so maybe it won't, but in the meantime I'm pulling that camera out every year until there is no one left to photograph! Check back Christmas Eve for this years photo! :) 

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