Monday, February 16, 2015

And it begins

I bought our plane tickets to Mexico this evening. Plane tickets. PLANE TICKETS. I just paid actual MONEY to fly on an airplane. I hate airplanes! I just remembered that I'm terrified to travel and now I have to get on an airplane next month and go to a different country. On an AIRLPLANE!

Five minutes after I bought the tickets I told Shawn I can't go because it's too scary and he has been married to me for long enough that he can't even with that, so he calmly got out his phone and told me he was looking on Facebook for other Wendy Whites to take on the trip with him, lol. I love a man who doesn't cater to my anxieties.

Ok, so fine, I'll get on the darn plane so I can fly to a whole other country to stick my feet in the sand so that Shawn doesn't have to go to all the work of finding another Wendy White to use my plane ticket, lol. 

Do they have big spiders in Mexico, because it's pretty much the jungle, right? Like, what are the chances that I'm going to encounter giant man eating spiders there? Because if there are airplanes AND spiders, I'm going to need to be heavily medicated for this vacation. 

Whose idea was it to go to Mexico? Oh, right, mine. But on the upside, turning 40 doesn't seem to scary now that I'm busy focusing my anxiety on having to get on an airplane. And spiders. 

But the resort has Dolphins and I think I found a really awesome place to hold a monkey, I'm just waiting to hear back if their tours are full, because it's hard to get in there. Also, the resort has sea turtles. If I can just manage to get there without dying I get to swim with dolphins and hold monkeys and pet turtles. And maybe there aren't horrifying spiders there. 

Are there? If there are, don't tell me. 

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