Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feet in the sand

Remember in January I said that one of these days I was going to escape and put my feet in the sand? Well, it looks like that day is actually coming! 

Last month I told Shawn that I wanted to do something big for my 40th birthday. I'm not loving this whole turning 40 thing. Maybe an awesome trip would soften the blow a bit, lol. 

We don't take vacations without the kids very often. Actually, the last trip we took alone was to Korea, and Clarissa just turned six. It's time for a vacation. 

So I started planning. It started out as a short trip to New York City. I love NYC and thought it might be fun to go see a play or something. But NYC is so insanely expensive and we'd only be able to go for a short time and then I worried I'd feel rushed because there are so many amazing things to do there that we wouldn't have time to do, and eventually I talked myself out of that trip. 

Then somehow it turned into taking a trip to Mexico. First I thought three days, but that's ridiculously short, so it turned into five days. So I've been pricing out five days at an all inclusive resort in Cancun for weeks. I've done so much research on Cancun at this point that I feel like we already took the vacation, lol.

But my budget and the place I wanted to stay were unfortunately not matching up and I kept looking for a deal and I finally upped my budget a little, and then I stumbled into a really great deal, but the only catch is that to do it we have to go for seven days. But with the deal I got, seven days actually ends up being slightly cheaper than my budget for five days! 

So after weeks of researching, discussing, reading everything I can find on the topic of Cacnun, coordinating dates and finding someone to watch our kids, it looks like Shawn and I are going to Mexico for a week next month! 

I originally wanted to go for my actual birthday, but my actual birthday is on Easter weekend this year and we can't be gone from our kids for Easter. So it's a couple of weeks before my birthday. So that means maybe I'll be all calm and tan and relaxed when my actual birthday rolls along, right? :) 

Holy crap, we're going to Mexico! I'm going to have to blow the dust off my passport and everything,  lol! 

And we have to fly, and we all know how I feel about airplanes. Ugh. It's going to take me from now until I leave to get into a mental place where I can get on an airplane. I managed to fly to Korea and survive, so I can do this, right? I hate airplanes. :(

But we're going to Mexico!! I need a vacation so bad, you have no idea. I really really need to get of of town and get some sunshine and stick my feet in the sand and drink fruity drinks under a palm tree.  And our marriage could use a week of no kids and no meetings and no work. We've been so busy lately I feel like we never see each other. A week alone sounds amazing. 

ALSO!!! I did some research because it has always been a thing with me that I want to hold a monkey, but I've never been anywhere that holding a monkey was really an option, but I googled and there are places in Cancun where you can hold a monkey! It's so dumb, but it's like a bucket list thing.  I love monkeys and I NEED to hold one. 

Also, swimming with dolphins. Also happening. The resort we're staying at actually has them at the resort. 

Holy crap, we're going to Mexico!!

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