Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy birthday Clarissa!

Clarissa turned SIX today, can you believe it?! She was very excited this morning to open her presents. She asked for a new church dress, a Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony), some Littlest Pet Shop toys and a candy necklace. We managed to track down all those things and she was super excited. :)

Unfortunately she also woke up with a horrible cough this morning. We have really been hit hard with the sickness this winter. So I kept her home from school today, which is kind of fun because we're having a good time having a low key day.  Tonight we're going to eat her favorite dinner (spaghetti) and have cake and ice cream.

I wanted to do a birthday photoshoot with her today,  but I'm going to wait a few days until she's feeling better.

So in honor of Clarissa's sixth birthday, here are six things I love about her:

One: She is the most sparkly princess in all the land. :) Clarissa is the most girly girl in the world! She loves clothes and anything pink and sparkly. She won't wear jeans, only dresses and leggings. I have always found that somewhat amusing because it's quite the opposite of me. But it's been fun to discover my girlier side through her.

Two: Clarissa is very artistic. She will sit and color and draw all afternoon and she is always making us pictures and cute little notes. I love it when she runs to me with a new picture she drew. I could wallpaper the house with her artwork!

Three: Clarissa is such a happy, easy going kid. She was such a spitfire when she was a toddler and I worried that we were in for a wild ride with such a strong personality, but she has grown out of her stubbornness a bit, and now she's such an easy kid. She's happy and calm and always excited to do whatever we're doing.

Four: I shuld have put this one first, because it's probably my favorite, but I absolutely loves the way Clarissa tells stories when she's really excited about something. They had an assembly at school recently and I think a magician performed. Or at least that's what it sounded like in her very excited retelling of the event. When she tells you something excited she gets very animated and starts most of her sentences with "And you know what?!" and it melts my heart and makes me so excited to hear whatever amazing thing she has to tell me. I could listen to her tell me about her day all afternoon.

Five: Clarissa is very loving. She's snuggly and gives the best hugs. I love it when she curls up next to me and snuggles or runs into the room and gives me a big hug. She's so sweet!

Six: She is a daddy's girl. When we first brought Clarissa home from Korea she wanted nothing to do with Shawn at all. If he even walked into the room she would burst into tears. But boy, has that changed! She is a girl who loves her daddy, and one of my favorite things is watching them together. Clarissa loves to help cook and sometimes on Sunday afternoons she talks Shawn into making a treat so she can help. Shawn has never been someone to make brownies or cookies or anything like that, but for Clarissa he has learned. Watching the two of them whip up a batch of brownies together on a Sunday afternoon is pretty much the best thing ever. She has got him wrapped around her little finger for sure. :)

I could go on forever about all the great things about clarissa, but there is a top six list for you.

So happy birthday to the sparkliest Princess in the kingdom. We are so lucky to get to celebrate another birthday with her.

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