Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Holding a monkey is happening!!

Ok, so I had my meltdown last night about flying on an airplane and today it is replaced by giddiness that the monkey lady confirmed that I will get to visit the monkeys!

I have always been ridiculously fascinated by monkeys. I love them. Every time we go to the zoo my family has to pull me away from the monkeys or I will stand there and watch them all day. Interacting with monkeys has always been a bucket list thing for me.

So when we decided to go to Mexico, that was priority nĂºmero uno for me. I was going to find a monkey to hold. I googled all afternoon several days ago and there are some zoos and tourist places where you can feed monkeys or interact with them and any of those places would be fine. But then I stumbled across a hidden gem. It's a money sanctuary, like a rescue facility for spider monkeys. It's not a well known tourist trap, it's actually kind of in the middle of nowhere in the jungle as far as I can tell. We're going to have to hire a driver to take us there. They don't do a lot of tours there, it's just run by a husband and wife and their main focus is taking care of rescued monkeys. But they do do some tours to raise money to keep the place running and if you're lucky you can get in there. I thought that the chances were slim because some of the people I read about online booked their tour months in advance, but I emailed the lady and got lucky, she has one spot open for us!

They give you a tour and info about the monkeys and what they do there and then let you go in and spend some time with the monkeys. You can hold them and feed them and everything! All the reviews I read said it's the coolest experience ever.

Maybe it sounds silly, but this will kind of fulfill a lifetime dream of mine. I will totally endure an airplane ride if there are monkeys on the other side, lol. This is on a much smaller scale, but this is kind of how I  tolerated the flight to Korea. I kept telling myself that I would do anything I had to do if it led us to Clarissa. Obviously adopting Clarissa ranks higher than holding a monkey, but monkeys are what will get me through this plane ride to Mexico.

In a month I'm going to be playing with monkeys!! I can't wait!

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