Thursday, February 19, 2015

Matthews choir performance!!

The big day finally arrived, yesterday was Matthew's opportunity to accompany his school choir. He was so excited to get the opportunity to do this. They've never had a student accompany the choir before.

He was really nervous about turning his own pages, and then when he went to turn the first page he accidentally turned two pages, so he didn't have the right music. You can see him look over at me like "oh, crap!", lol. But he had the song memorized so well that he just kept going. He did great! I was so nervous for him that I don't think I took a breath the whole time he played, lol.

Hands down, the best part of parenting is moments like this. Watching your kids work really really hard at something and then reach a goal and be so proud of themselves is my favorite thing ever.

Here's the video, I'm so excited to share it! :)


Lisa said...

That was just beautiful! He is VERY talented! Incredible that he's only been playing for a matter of months!

Elizabeth said...

He has a God-given talent. He certainly has a future in music. I think the entire performance was amazing!

Bethany said...

He did great! Accompanying is a whole different skill set from just playing the piano. The ability to keep going no matter what is a huge part of that. I can't begin to count the number of strange or unexpected things that have happened to me during a piece!!!

Great job Matthew!


Unknown said...

Beautiful performance! He is so talented!