Tuesday, March 24, 2015


After an absolutely glorious week in Mexico, I am currently sitting in the Cancun airport having a not so fantastic time! Ugh, I hate airports. I woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach, knowing I was going to have to fly today and I turned my phone on and found out thqt a plane crashed overnight. Fabulous. I'm sad for those people and even more terrified to get on the plane.

We reluctantly left the resort this morning and headed out to the airport. I'm not a fan of airports and The Cancun airport is particularly chaotic and unpleasant. I have a headache, I'm a little cranky and I don't want to get on the plane. I took some anxiety medication a few minutes ago in hopes that it will chill me out enough to get on the plane. We'll see.

Before we left, Clarissa said she wanted a snow globe from Mexico. We bought her a cheap one at a tourist spot the other day. This morning when we were packing we realized it had broken. So before we left the resort this morning I ran to the gift shop and bought her another more expensive one. I tossed it in the carry on bag, not thinking, and it got confiscated by airport security for being over 3oz. I'm already nervous and stressed and on edge and that didn't help. :( I know not to carry liquid in a carry on bag. Dumb mistake. I can buy her another one at the gift shop here, but they're expensive and I already bought two.

Our plane doesn't leave for another hour. Either the medication is going to chill me out in a few minutes or I'm going to lose it. Let's play a game of guess which one, lol. I'll be fine. Medication is a wonderful thing.

The one bright spot of the Cancun airport is that they have a candy store with German Kinder chocolate. I stocked up. Good chocolate and medication might get me through this.

Ok. Medication kicking in. Meltdown over. I might just make it home after all.

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