Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cancun: day five or six or something

True story, it was about two hours into my day today before I figured out what day of the week it is. I have no idea. I lost track of day and time in this place.

But I have determined that it is, in fact, Sunday, and we have to go home in two more days. They're going to have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming! (Well, partly that might be because I'm going to have to get back on a plane when I leave here.) 

Yesterday we got up bright and early and took a tour to Tulum, which is a Mayan ruins site. We had a great tour guide, who was really funny and knowledgable and we had a great time, but it was hot, humid, and my feet are protesting all the walking we've done lately. When we planned this vacation we imagined sitting by the beach for a week and doing nothing, but really we've been quit busy. We did go sit in the beach the first day and got kind of bored and decided to plan outings. Which has been awesome, because we've discovered that we prefer exploring over sitting on the beach, but I'm not used to walking miles a day in humidity and it's wearing me out! But Tulum was really cool. I had a necklace made that is my name in Mayan hieroglyphics. I'm one of those sucker tourists who buys all the souvineers. There was also a guy there who had a baby lion and for $35 he would let you hold it and take your picture. We didn't do that because $35 is silly to hold a lion for two minutes and I have issues with how animals like that are treated, but I wanted to hold the lion sooo bad. I refrained. But it was cute. 

So after Tulum we came back to our room for a couple of hours and rested and then last night we went to an REO Speedwagon concert. So this resort is massively huge. Every time you've seen it all, there is more of it. There is a huge convention center here and they get real bands for shows sometimes, and if you're a certain status at the resort you get free tickets. So we got the free tickets and decided to go check it out. We didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up being a fancy dinner show. There was a huge room in the convention center and they have 300 tables set up with 10 seats per table. So that was 3,000 people there for dinner and the concert. 

Shawn and I are not very adventurous people when it comes to nightlife. Our idea of a wild and crazy night is pizza and Netflix, lol. But we've been enjoying lots of new experiences on this trip so we were game for whatever. The dinner was a fancy five course meal, with some foods I've never heard of and can't pronounce, but it was delicious.

After dinner the concert started. We like REO Speedwagon, so that was fun. The lead singer has got to be in his mid 60's, at least, and he was rocking some seriously tight pants!

After the concert we took the shuttle bus back to our lobby. Now, again, Shawn and I are not wild and crazy when it comes to nightlife. We don't drink and we're homebodies. I have very little experince with even being around people who drink. We're boring Mormons from Idaho, we don't get out much! So there we were on a shuttle bus full of drunk people and let me tell you, drunk people on a shuttle bus are hilarious when you're the only one sober. It was a wild ride back to the lobby, lol. 

Today we decided to take it easy and take a break from the adventure because my feet are killing me, so we're having a down day. This morning we had a couples massage scheduled! Shawn has never had a massage and I've only had one, years ago, so we weren't sure what to expect. 

They picked us up at the lobby and shuttled us out to the spa. Did I mention how huge this place is?! We discovered a whole new part of the resort on the way out there. The spa was big and fancy anD amazing. We had an 80 minute aromatherapy massage. Pure heaven. Shawn wasn't sure if he was going to like it, but he absolutely loved it! We were so relaxed we could barely get ourselves back to our lobby. 

This afternoon we're taking it easy. There is a mini golf course near our room that I think we're going to try out, and we might take a little paddle boat in the ocean. We're mostly just hanging out around the resort today. 

Tomorrow is our last full day here. We're thinking of going to a zoo that is nearby. One last chance for me to interact with some animals before we leave!

This trip has been absolutely amazing and I'm going to be so sad to leave! But I'm looking forward to seeing the kids again, so I guess a week away is long enough. I really miss my kids!! 

But for now, we're off to enjoy the resort while we still can! Another fun day in Mexico! 

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