Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One more week!

We're going to Mexico in a week. I have to get on an AIRPLANE in a week! I'm excited and nervous. Mostly nervous. We still have a ton of things to do before we leave, so that should hopefully help keep my mind off it.

The thing that is causing me the most stress right now (aside from the whole riding a metal cage in the SKY) is leaving my kids. As much as we need a kid free week, I wish we were taking them. I hate leaving my kids. The friends they're staying with are people we know really well and trust, and they're going to be just fine, but it doesn't stop me from freakng out a bit. They're excited about the idea of spending a week with friends. They're going to be fine. And I will probably resist the urge to FaceTime them 50 times a day. Maybe. :)

The thing I'm working on now is trying to find clothes to wear. I don't have good beachy clothes. I tried to go buy some, but shopping for beach clothes in Idaho in March isn't easy. And trying to find beachy clothes that cover up the fact that I'm the whitest human being on the planet isn't easy, lol. If you see a bright light in the sky while I'm gone, that will be the sun reflecting off of me in a bathing suit. Yikes. I hope everyone at our resort brings sunglasses.

But when I allow myself to stop stressing out over airplanes and leaving kids and wearing bathing suits, I'm really excited about this trip. We have some fun things planned and we also have a lot of relaxing time planned. There is a spa at the resort, so we're going to get massages and I'm going to get a pedicure and we're going to drink fruity drinks on the sand and I'm going to park myself in a hammock and read a book. I need a vacation. I need to go somewhere and clear my mind and get some sun and enjoy my husband. I plan to come back refreshed and recharged and ready to tackle life again. It's been a long winter.

Just pray that all the airplanes stay in the air and behave properly next week. Eek.

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Laurie said...

Maybe try a spray tan before you go? Might make you feel a little better in your suit. I've tried them before and they really work - I didn't look like an orange oompa loompa like I thought I might.