Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We're here!!

I survived leaving my kids and I survived two airplane flights today and now I'm coming to you from paradise!

The flights weren't horrible. When we took off the first time this morning I remembered why I hate to fly, and I think I left some fingernail marks in Shawns arm, lol. But I chilled out a bit after that (let's be honest, I was medicated after that!) and the rest of the flying wasn't awful. Our layover was short and the whole process was pretty smooth. But I still hate to fly.

Then we got to Cancun and it was kind of madness for a bit, trying to get everything figured out. Going through customs, getting through the Cancun airport, which is chaos, finding the driver who was picking us up and then getting checked into the hotel was all a bit crazy. We're staying at a gigantic all inclusive resort and these resorts are kind of complicated, they give you credits for excursions and tours, and you have to book everything through a tour guy, and I feel like they make it all intentionally a little vague and confusing. We've spent a good portion of our afternoon trying to figure all of that out. In fact, Shawn is still working on that right now.

But once we get all of that settled, it's going to be a fun week of laying on the beach, swimming, visiting some Mayan ruins, getting massages and a pedicure, seeing the monkeys, we're planning to go to a zoo, we'll do some shopping and we'll do lots of relaxing. Oh! And REO Speedwagon just happens to be at the resort this week and we got free tickets! Awesome! If it wasn't for the fact that I really miss my kids, it would be hard to leave this place!

So it's all good! We're having a great time! I can't believe we're here!! :)

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