Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Matthew's latest song

I just wanted to share the piano song Matthew has been working on lately. It's not perfect yet, I just took this video this morning when he was practicing before school. This is what I get to hear every day and I absolutely love it. There is something about the piano being played in my house that just makes me so happy. My mom used to play a lot when I was growing up, so maybe it's a nostalgia thing, but I just absolutely love hearing the piano played in my house.

Matthew usually practices in the morning before school and it sets a nice peaceful tone in the house in the mornings. His morning songs are usually peaceful. Then after school he usually practices again and sometimes makes up songs or just goofs around and it's always very lively and fun and it brings laughter and joy to our afternoons. The other night Shawn was doing something in the kitchen and Matthew was playing the piano and Shawn asked Matthew to play some background theme music to whatever it was Shawn was doing and he just immediately switched into a funny made up theme song for Shawn. We're endlessly entertained by the piano around here.

So here is Matthew's latest song. I think this is what he's planning to play for the Spring recital in May, so he has some more time to practice it before he has to perform it. I love that kid! His piano skills make me happy!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful! He's so good!