Thursday, May 21, 2015

College update

Tonight I had my first meeting for the college program I'm starting in the fall. The first year is basically an intro back into college program for older students. I could have chosen to skip this year long program and apply directly to the regular degree program, but if I jump their hoops and take these intro classes for a year, they discount the cost of the degree program significantly. So I'm saving a fortune on my bachelors degree by doing it this way.

But that means I have to deal with this year long program first. It's through a religious university, so I'm going to be taking a religion class and a college intro class each semester. Everyone in the program takes the same classes. We do the classes online, but we have to meet as a group every Thursday night for a group discussion about what we're learning. The place we meet at is way across town, which I'm not all that excited about, but I have to keep reminding myself that by doing this, college is finally affordable for me. I can't really afford to go back to school otherwise. 

The classes don't start until September, but tonight I had to go meet with the people who run the program so they could go over how it all works. The nice thing about this program is that my group is all people 30 years and older who are all starting back on their journey to college, just like I am. So everyone is nervous, everyone has been out of school for a long time and we all kind of work through it together. So as much as I find this year long program a bit of a hassle, there is a lot of wisdom in how it works. It's going to be a nice slow ease back into college, which will probably be a really good thing for me. Just signing up for a full time program and taking a pile of classes after being out of school for so long would have been a much harder adjustment. 

So my first semester I'm taking a religion class and a study skills class. Second semester is a religion class and a math class and third semester is religion and English. it goes through next summer, so I'll be finished with it next fall. And if I get a 3.0gpa or above, which seems easy enough for the classes they have us take, I am automatically accepted into the university online degree program so I can start working towards my bachelors next fall.

So that's what's happening. I'm just jumping through their hoops for the next year and doing what they tell me to do and after that I can start working on the classes I need to for my major. I already have 29 credits from the college I did when I was 18, and I'll get 15 more through this intro program over the next year, so I'll be on my way! It's a start anyway! 

I'm really nervous, but actually pretty excited. I have no idea how I'm going to do or how I'm going to get through it all, but I have committed to myself to give it a try. My husband and kids are incredibly supportive, so I have a house full of cheerleaders, which helps. :) I can do this, right?! I guess we'll find out this fall! :) 

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