Friday, May 29, 2015

Taking the show on the road

Matthew is playing this song in two different church congregations this Sunday. He's playing it for our church services and then when his piano teacher heard he was playing it at our church, she asked if he would come play it for her congregation as well.

It's an arrangement of an LDS Hymn called I Know That My Redeemer Lives. This particular arrangement was written by Paul Cardall, who is an amazing pianist.

This a ridiculously difficult song for a kid who has only been playing the piano for less than a year. He has worked harder to master this song than anything else he's done.

Our piano isn't fancy, but we had him go over to the church to practice there and it sounds amazing on the church piano with the acoustics of the room. I wish I had a recording of that, but you'll just have to listen to it on our piano. I know half my posts have been Matthew's piano lately, but I post what makes me happy, and listening to Matthew play the piano makes me very happy. :)

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