Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Last day of school!

The school year has come to an end for Josh and Matthew (Clarissa has a few more weeks). It seems like just yesterday I was freaking out about sending my babies to their first year of middle school and high school and just like that the year is over.

They both had amazingly successful year! Both of them got straight A's the whole year and today Matthew got the choir student of the year award. I could not possibly be more proud of them and all their accomplishments.

So I want to say that summer is now officially in full swing here, but Clarissa has a few more weeks of school before she's done and Josh has literally one day of summer vacation and then Friday he starts drivers Ed and Monday he starts four online summer school classes. Because Josh is going to be working on his high school diploma and his college associates degree at the same time, he has to cram some extra classes in there to get it done. He will most likely be taking at least one summer school class every year to stay ahead. He's taking four this summer so that he can stay ahead and also clear up some space in his schedule to be on the yearbook staff in the fall. If he takes a couple of required classes over the summer, he has room for a couple of electives during the school year and it makes his school year schedule less intense. Also, his next years English teacher assigned everyone to read Fairenheight 451 over the summer and there will be a test on it on the first day of school. That school does not mess around.

So he has a full plate this summer, and we also have our vacation to Oregon in July, the boys are both going on a pioneer trek with our church later this summer and Josh is going to somehow see if he can cram his Eagle Scout project in there at some point.

I will be spending my summer having panic attacks about my baby driving a car, and preparing myself to start college in the fall. Life is hurtling forward at full steam right now. Here's hoping we can all keep up!

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