Monday, September 14, 2015

First day of school!!

Well, it finally arrived, today was my first day of college!

We have spent the past few weeks organizing, decluttering and cleaning our house from top to bottom and getting ready for me to start this new journey. I made a great study space in the den, complete with a new super comfortable office chair and motivational posters for the wall that I designed.

I planned for my first day of school to also be the first day our new cleaning lady came to clean the house. After all the decluttering and organizing we've done, the house was ready to be deep cleaned, and having someone else do it while I focused on school was really awesome.

So I got the kids off to school this morning, got the cleaning lady set (it's ridiculous calling her the cleaning lady. The cleaning lady is my good friend Karen, lol. She's starting a cleaning business and she's the best house cleaner EVER.) and I got myself settled into the den to start my first day of school.

I was super nervous this morning for some reason! All I had to do was go in my den and do work online, but I had butterflies in my stomach like I was headed off to middle school and was worried no one would sit by me at lunch. I've just been waiting for this day for so long and it feels like such a major new chapter in my life that it just started to freak me out a bit this morning!

But it turned out to actually be kind of fun. I've never taken an online class before and had absolutely no idea what to expect. It took me a bit to get used to the layout of the website and it's such a different way to take a class that it is going to take some getting used to. But once I kind of got the hang of it, i enjoyed it.

I'm taking two classes. The first one is a life skills class and the second one is religion class. Today's work for both classes was basically just going over the syllabus and introducing ourselves on the class message boards. But I did have to take notes on the syllabus and take a quiz for both classes. It wasn't a big deal, but I haven't taken a school test in over 20 years, so I was nervous! I got 100% on both quizzes. Yay me! I texted Josh at school to tell him I was an A student. It was sort of fun for the tables to turn for a minute, lol. I'm always their school cheerleader. This time he got to be mine.

It's only two classes this semester, and part of me is chomping at the bit for more, but part of me sees the wisdom in starting slow. I need to ease into this. After I do this slower paced year long program for returning students, I'll be taking a full load of classes next year and every year after that until I'm done. This year will get me into the habit of going to school again and get me used to studying and doing assignments and taking tests, and next year when I start a full class load, it won't be as overwhelming and I'll have a better chance of being able to keep up and stick with it. So for me I think it's the best way to do it, I'm just kind of impatient for this year to pass so I can start choosing my own classes and working at a faster pace. Now that I'm in this, I'm REALLY in it! I'm ready to go.

So by the end of the afternoon, I had finished my class work, aced my quizzes and my good friend Karen the awesome house cleaner had finished deep cleaning my house, and I was feeling awesome. My house feels amazing, I feel super accomplished and this has really been a great day.

I NEEDED this. I needed a new chapter, I needed a change. I don't think I even realized how much I needed it until I was sitting there doing my class work today. It felt so good to be doing something new, using my brain, feeling like I'm working towards a personal goal. I've felt stagnant and restless lately and it was time for me to shake things up.

So that's where I'm at. My house is spotless, day one of school was a success and I'm feeling pretty good about life. I can't guarantee it's going to last, but for now I'm just going to sit back and enjoy it. :)

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