Thursday, December 17, 2015

Vive La France!!

JOSH IS GOING TO FRANCE!!! We got the call a few days ago but they told us not to mention it because they were still notifying people. It's been killing me to keep the secret! :) But this morning we got the acceptance paperwork and they told us it was OK to share the news, so here I am!

So in case you missed the previous post, a couple of months ago Josh was approached by one of his teachers to apply for the Normandy Institute program. It's through the National History Day organization. Every year they take 15 student teacher teams on a two week trip to France to study WWII history. It was a big application process and we had no idea if he even had a chance. But a few days ago he got the call! He's going to France! He's over the moon excited. It's major news in our family! :)

It's all expenses paid for two weeks in June. They things they get to do there sound amazing! I'm am SO excited for him that he has this opportunity! If you're interested, here's a video about last years group and what they do there. I can't believe he's actually going!! YAY!!!

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