Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I would like to make an announcement...

...I just got 100% on my first math quiz. Go ahead, I'll wait while you all cheer for me. Lol

So I'm taking math this semester. I. Hate. Math. Hate it. I've hated it since I was a kid. I'm a reasonably intelligent person in every other area, but my brain just does not process numbers. I've struggled with every math class I've ever taken, and one of my biggest fears about going back to college was having to take math. I avoid math like the plague. I break out in a cold sweat if I have to figure out a tip at my hairdresser without a calculator. My brain doesn't like numbers. Like, literally I'm more terrified of taking this beginning math class than I am of writing a masters thesis. I will happily go to grad school, just don't make me take algebra.

This math class I'm taking is a reintroduction to math. Probably the easiest college math class you will ever find anywhere. Literally, our first assignment of the semester was a refresher on times tables. By the end of the semester we'll be doing algebra, but we're working up to that. So...yeah. It's not like I signed myself up for calculus.

But still, I have been dreading this math class. I wake up every morning this semester and my first through is "Crap. I have to do math today." From now until April I'm just going to be one big ball of math anxiety.

But I'm brave and I can do this, so I have enlisted my kids to tutor me, because fortunately they inherited Shawn's math brain and they actually love math. The whole family is all about helping mom pass a math class right now.

This morning I had to take a quiz. And you would laugh if you saw this quiz because it was ridiculously easy. But it's still numbers and numbers are not easy for me. Even easy math isn't easy for me. So I watched the video of the instructor explain it and I did the practice questions and I worked really hard on it all morning. And I took the quiz....and I got 100%! And I'm not going to lie, I cried. I mathed! All by myself! I'm not sure if I've ever gotten 100% on any math quiz ever in my life.

I texted Shawn at work to announce that I passed a math quiz. I'm making a blog post about how I passed a math quiz. Is it a thing to send out a press release about how I passed a math quiz?!

I passed a math quiz. I ACED a math quiz. Sure, it was barely middle school math and I should probably be embarrassed to even admit that I'm this proud of acing a quiz that any 12 year old in America could probably do in their sleep, but math is hard for me and I have spent my whole life convinced that I can't do it. And for this one week, this one day, I did it. And next week I'm going to work hard again and maybe I'll ace another one. I might actually make it through a math class without a nervous breakdown, lol.

I aced a math quiz. Go Wendy. :)

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