Thursday, January 21, 2016

The accidental pants

This is the story of how I accidentally bought pants and went on a walk, lol.

I went to Target last night. On my fitness kick I'm trying to get more steps in so Shawn and I went to Target and wandered around for a bit. While we were shopping I stopped to buy some yoga capris because I like to wear them around the house during the day. They're comfortable and I feel like I'm in my jammies, but I look like there is a possibility that I was exercising if someone comes to the door, lol.

So at Target I grabbed what I thought were black yoga Capri pants, but somehow I don't know if grabbed the wrong ones, or what, but that's not what I came home with. When I got home and pulled them out of the bag I realized that what I really bought was stretchy black legging running pants. Like  yoga pants, but sleek looking leggings with little reflective patches on the side so people can see you if you're jogging at night. They have zippers on the ankle and a zippered pocket in the back to hold your keys while you run. They look like serious exercise pants for people who do serious exercise.  I don't own pants like that. I don't really need pants like that. I walk on my dumb treadmill in my basement in my yoga capris that are only one step up from exercising in my pajamas.

But I put the new pants on to see what they felt like and suddenly I felt...exercise-y. Like I put the pants on and suddenly I looked like someone who might go running. I'm not gonna, but I looked like I might, lol.

This morning I had to walk Clarissa to the bus stop. I decided to put on my new exercise-y pants. And because I forgot to leave my fancy walking shoes in the basement by the treadmill the other day, they were in my bedroom and I put those on too. I looked like I was ready for some exercise.

So I walked Clarissa to the bus stop and got her off to school and I walked back home and as I was walking and feeling all exercise-y in my new exercise-y pants and my walking shoes, I figured, what the heck, maybe I should take a walk around the neighborhood. So I grabbed my phone, found a podcast that looked interesting, stuck in my headphones and went for a walk. I walked for a half hour, listening to the podcast, enjoying the neighborhood, getting some fresh air and it was a million times better than my crappy treadmill in the basement.

I came home feeling awesome! It turns out that some fresh air and a long walk was just what I needed.

So I'm keeping the accidental pants and I think I'm going to start going for a nice walk in the mornings instead of fighting the treadmill. Me and my accidental pants are going on an adventure together. :)

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Janice and Jessica said...

I have those pants and LOVE them. I got a Fitbit last July and started walking. Then downloaded the Couch to 5K app and did my first 5K in September. Did my first 8K in November and am currently training for a half-marathon in March. Those pants are the absolute warmest ever!!!

I even run when it is in the low 30's here.

You ought to get a Fitbit and join me! I would love the company.

I am also on FB too!

BTW, I am 52 years old!