Thursday, May 5, 2016


Today is Josh's 16th birthday! SIXTEEN! I still can't believe my little boy is that old. That was the fastest sixteen years ever. 

Josh is an amazing kid and I am so lucky to be his mom. Josh is my type A child. A list maker since he was a toddler, he's the most organized, driven person I know. When Josh sets his mind to something, he sees it through. Shawn and I have often said that we didn't really raise Josh, we simply got out of his way, lol. He's always got a plan and a project and a goal and a pile of checklists to help him get there.

Josh is funny and kind and sweet. When I'm having a bad day, he's the first one to ask how he can help. 

One thing Josh especially loves is chocolate, so in honor of his sixteenth birthday, I gave him a chocolate themed day, which was topped off with this cake. I made it while he was at school today and couldn't wait for him to get home and see it. His reaction didn't disappoint! He was more excited about this cake than I think I've ever seen him about anything in his life, lol. If you want to win Josh over forever, chocolate is the way to do it. :)

So happy birthday to my sweet boy. He may be almost six feet tall, but he's always going to be my little boy. I love him so much! 


Amanda said...

LOVE the cake & I hope Josh had a wonderful #16!. Any tips on the cake?.... as I might be having to make one soon myself;)

Wendy said...

It's called an antigravity cake. If you google it you can find lots of instructions. I kind of did mine the lazy way because I'm so busy right now. I bought a store bought chocolate cake and just lined the sides with Kit Kats and poured M&M's all over the top of it.

For the "anti-gravity" effect the instructions all said to use frosting to stick M&M's to some sort of stick or spoon. I tried that and M&M's were falling off all over the place. So I ended up hot gluing M&M's to a wooden chopstick, glued the empty wrapper to the top (you can stick cotton balls in the wrapper to make it look full) and stuck it in the cake. The stick part is not edible that way, of course, but we just pulled it out after we all admired the wow factor and were ready to eat.

It was actually really easy once I stopped trying to stick M&M's to a stick with frosting. I saw YouTube videos of people doing it successfully, but I'm not crafty and couldn't make it work. Go with the glue, lol.